If you are a startup support business, enterprise agency, accountancy firm or social enterprise focussed on helping startups we'd love to hear from you.

We are actively seeking partners to join forces with us with to give startup entrepreneurs all the help they deserve. We offer significant discounts for volume subscriptions.

We make our courses availalbe to colleges, local enterprise partnerships, training providers and local authorities.

Whether you deliver support for the New Enterprise Allowance (NEA) or simply want to support the startup revolution please do get in touch.

Our course is comprehensive and offers much more content and supporting documentation than the typical college or enterprise agency can provide. That's because we are entirely focussed on this one course, making it as compelling and comprehensive as is possible. In the administrative section of the course tutors may log in and support students and if you would like to use your  own tutors we can easily grant them access. If need be our materials can be entirely white-labelled as your own.

Let's work togehter to support entrepreneurs- call us today or fill in the partnership contact form



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