• 4.1 About you
  • 4.2 Quiz: Asessing your strengths

Is business right for you?What drives you

Section contents:

  1. Is enterprise right for you?
  2. Are you meant to be self-employed?
  3. Reasons for being here
  4. Personal skills
  5. What floats your boat
  6. If you've been made redundant
  7. What's in it for you
  8. Knowing your limits
  9. Making business work for you
  10. Summary

Business startup quizTaking your pulse

A 40 question survey to determine your readiness for business

Subjects Explored:

  1. Your behaviours
  2. Your attitudes
  3. Your business knowledge
  4. Your startup mindset
  5. Startup Readiness
  6. Your idea
  7. Your finances


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