Can I access learning materials from my phone?

Yes. Our online business content is fully responsive so you can view it form a smartphone, laptop, tablet or iPad. For smartphone users we recommend dowdloading our App which is available for both Android and iPhones.

For the best possible experience we suggest that you view our course's main slides on a tablet, laptop or desktop. You can still use your phone to access all materials but since there is a lot of content you may find a larger screen more comfortable and better for your eyes if studying for long periods.

Please note that documents such as business plan templates and legal forms for company formation are provided in the format of excel spreadsheets or word documents. You will need the right kind of app to view such documents on your phone.

Our app will enable you to view training materials whilst on the hoof, lying on the beach or sitting on a mountain-top, providing of course that oyu have a good internet connection, If for any reason your internet connection fails whilst viewing materials when you log back ion you will be taken to the section of our course that you last visited,

Don't forget to install our iphone or android app for the best course viewing experience on your phone.

on Thursday January 19 by Steve Bannister
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