Market Research for Entrepreneurs equate to Success. No matter how brilliant your business idea you need to sure that someone else hasn’t beaten you to it. That’s just one reason why research for start ups is so important.

Startup course chapter 6 contents

In this chapter we teach you the market research process so that when you start a business it has the best possible chance of flying. Find out how to research potential customers so that your business plan is truly compelling.

Whatever your product or service- conducting research before you ask customers to buy your product is critical. If you are serious about becoming a new business owner and want your small business to thrive then this chapter of our entrepreneurship course is key.

  • 6.1 About market research
  • 6.2 Conducting market research
  • 6.3 Customer development for a new business

Market research for startupsConducting effective market research for start ups

  1. Types of market research
  2. The ABC of market research
  3. Primary research
  4. Secondary research
  5. Your customers
  6. Segmenting customers
  7. Your competitors
  8. Market research tasks

Conducting market research for start upsHow to carry out market research

  1. Personal survey
  2. Telephone survey
  3. Postal & e-mails surveys
  4. Test marketing
  5. Market research suggestions
  6. Types of research questions
  7. Setting research questions
  8. Market led or product led?
  9. Competition
  10. Market research summary

Customer development for a new businessBuilding relations that last

Subjects covered:

  1. Define your audience
  2. Developing customer relations
  3. Carving a niche out
  4. Focus on market segments
  5. Product and service benefits
  6. Creating a customer persona
  7. Market share
  8. Customer relations
  9. Your market research review
  10. Developing customers summary



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