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HHow do you stand out from the crowd? There's no doubt about it- creating an identity for your business is a big focus for the startup entrepreneur.

Get it right and word will spread. Mess it up and you could find yourself rebranding sooner than you think.

We take a look at some of the thing things to consider when forging an identy.

Small Business Startup Brand Identity

Brand isnt any one thing. It's the overall perception you create for your new venture. It's about first and last impressions. All of the headings below collectively make up your brand identity.

Here's a handy list of things to consider.

Your Comany name:

Make it memorable, easy to spell and check that someone isn't aleady using it.

Tone of voice

What style of writing will you use. Taking a light hearted-tone might not work if you are a bank. How do you want to be perceived by customers? Formal and precise or zany and leftfield? Like all aspects of branding this depends on knowing your target audience.


A good logo helps punters recognise your new business. If you propsper it might become an iconic logo. Take your time and remember that simplicity is the goal. A word of warning though-it takes time to craft something simple yet striking that works well.


What fonts will you use? Will you favour big bold text or do you want to keep is simple and clean? Whatever you do don't go for lots of different typefaces in an array of colurs- keep it simple and remember that when it comes to deisgn "less is more".


Settle on a colour palette for your brand and then stick to it. It all helps with brand recognitionn.


Thery're not as popular as they once were, but a snappy strapline to reinforce your logo is no bad thing. Make it mean something and that will help customers understand what it is that you do.

Business Vision

What's it all for? What's the point of your business? Is there an ultimate purpose for your business? How will you achieve it?


What's is all about? To make the creamiest ice-cream, the grooviest trainers, to disrupt the tired and boring market sector? Let them know...


Are you a member of a guild or trade association? Do you have ISO9001 or some other quality status or kite-mark?

Marketing Collateral:

You are striving for consistency, your business needs to be easily recognised and this applies to your print materials, business cards, web-site and social media too.

Our course covers, amongst other subjects; marketing, social media, branding, visioning and strategy.




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