the right mindset for starting a business

SSetting up on your own in business is often touted as being liberating and a way of securing personal freedom. To succeed you will need to develop a "winning mindset".

What's the best business mindset?

Starting a business is like a heroic journey and you will need to devleop a variety of skills before you can unlock success. But success is also to do with unlocking your mind & developing the right attitudes.

Live in the Moment

Running your own business is about knowing yourself and learning not to yearn or be nostalgic but rather to enjoy the “now” and practise mindfulness.


A large part of developing a winning mindset and the attitudes of success is letting go of the old. As a startup entrepreneur you will need to learn to prioritise and how to let go of those things that aren’t worth exerting energy on. Learn to say “no”. Sounds easier than it is- we are all wedded to old and often outmoded ways of doing things and so too with our perceptions. The good news is that “reprogramming” yourself isn’t that hard to do once you’ve made a commitment to change

Learn from the best

Mindset isn’t a switch you can flick on and off suddenly like, Ta-da! You’re a superhero and now you can wear your underpants on the outside.
All heroes need to go on an epic adventure before they reach their prize. Part of your heroic adventure should be learning form others. You’ve heard the expression “on the shoulder of giants” as a way of paying homage to great thinker and leaders that have paved the way. Read books by entrepreneurs, watch Dragons Den, Read blogs from the leading lights in your industry. Borrow your mindset from the best.

Decide on your goals

Give your mindset some discipline. Create structure. If you're going on this awesome journey you had better give some thought to getting a decent map (there might not be wi-fi), logistics, the eating habits and languages of the people you will visit along the way. Ok, so this is sounding complicated, but the thing is - before you start off you will need to decide where you are going and you need to plan for it. Meticulously.

Have purpose

Ok, so your heroic backpack is stuffed and perhaps you’ve got an idea of what to do and where you want to get to. Write it down. State in a couple of sentences what you want to achieve. This is your mission and to make it your own you need to ask yourself what exactly your purpose is. If all you can come up with is “ I want to make money” then sadly you need to go back to school. Luckily, we know just the course.

Choose carefully

Whatever path you choose, whether its radical and risky or safe, part of the process of shaping your own mindset is to be extremely conscious of when and how you make decisions. This goes back to our point about mindfulness and living in the moment. Decisions you make now will take shape and sometimes limit your life choices for years to come

Take chances

There’s no denying it. Heroes take chances. Except that the heroes who live to tell us of their exploits tend to be the ones who calculate risk. This means being informed and conducting market research before you launch a new venture. The heroes of Myth and legend were great warriors, but they were wise enough to send out scouts or reconnoitre before entering the fray. That’s exactly how it needs to be for you. Take calculated chances by trialling your business at an event or market before you set off on your epic quest.

Do what floats your boat

Dream big. Heroes are not pedestrian and lets face it, doing the same as everyone else has never been a strategy for success in business. Ask yourself “Is there something I would rather be doing?” If the answer is yes or you find yourself dreaming of the perfect lifestyle, then you need to make the decision to fulfill your purpose. Do what you love most. Your passion will be a natural resource in the challenging times ahead. Remember that the hero is never complacent because they know what their personal prize is and they keep their eyes on that goal.

Time to do some soul searching

Time to ask yourself what really drives and motivates you to succeed? Know thyself! As you begin to unravel your true motives try to see if some of your interests can be elevated from “interest” to a form of commitment. Next comes the vision and commitment to learning from mistakes along the way. Finally you need to feed the machine- eat well, read, learn and exercise to keep you firing on all cylinders.





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