importance of customer service

CCreating a loyal base of satisfied customers who will recommend your business to others, is the aim of every small business owner.

How to make and keep your customers happy should be at the core of everything you do.

Ensure that your team are customer focussed

If you have staff, employ the right people for your business. Staff who are given opportunities to develop through training and mentoring will feel loyal to their employer and give their best every day.

Product knowledge

Make sure you and your staff know your product or service inside out. Anticipate the questions customers are likely to ask and prepare the answers.

Good communication

Communicate with your customers at every opportunity. Use all available platforms, remembering that many Millennials are most comfortable communicating through social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook or even text. Be ready to respond quickly so that customers feel heard. Just letting a customer know you have received their query goes a long way to keeping them on board.

Act on feedback 

Seek out customer feedback and use it! This is one of your most valuable business tools. Feedback can make or break a small business so it’s important that you listen to what your customers want and give it to them.


Be flexible. Small enterprises often have more scope to tailor their products or services to their customers. Think about how you can offer personalised packages to meet specific customer needs. Give your staff some leeway in what they can offer customers.


As soon as you can, invest in systems which will help your business to run smoothly (data management, communication etc.), making the customer experience stress free.

Solve customer problems

You are in the business of solving problems so if your cusotmers have concerns or problems resolve them fairly, reasonably and quickly. Sorting an issue for a cusomter will earn their loyalty and build your reputation.

Remember to always be friendly and respectful in your dealings with customers. Saying ‘thank you’ goes a long way.

Looking after stakeholders is closely related to to customer service; check out our article on Mendelow's Matrix for stakeholder management




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