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Our aim is to help your business grow, whatever your type of business. We’ll help you get your business off the groundWe explore the strengths and weaknesses of working with venture capital investors. Learn how to carry our market research- we share insights on small business knowledge for all kinds of business owners.

Inofrmation for sole traders and larger company startups. No matter your product or service we try to answer questions before you ask them. From hiring office space in the UK to launching in the United States. We work hard to add vales to all types of startup.

Starting a business isnt easy. There's so much to learn and there's no such things as a magic blueprint. But there are some tried and tested forumulas for reducing your risk of startup failure.

From social media tricks to writing an executive summary for venture capitalists. We make it our business to gather information aimed at helping you to start a business. Whatever your target market or even if you just want to send a link to one of our articles that catches your eye to your friends and family- we’re glad you dropped by.

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enterprise launch process

WWhen it comes to starting a new business, there is no right or wrong. Your effort will be what counts most. But preparing yourself with the right skills and knowledge is key to making that effort count.

New business creation steps

The sweat equity you invest in your business will, in large part, determine the success or otherwise of your new venture...

the right mindset for starting a business

SSetting up on your own in business is often touted as being liberating and a way of securing personal freedom. To succeed you will need to develop a "winning mindset".

What's the best business mindset?

Starting a business is like a heroic journey and you will need to devleop a variety of skills before you can unlock success. But success is also to do with unlocking your mind & developing the right attitudes.

naming a business

HHow to name your business? Your business will need to have a memorable name. A good name is vital if you are to achieve success. Choose the wrong one and it could easily consign your entrepreneurial dreams to obscurity…

Your trading name (if a sole trader) or company name (if a limited company) can have a big impact on the success of your business. It should convey professionalism, espouse the values of your business and ideally give people a sense of what product or service your are offering.

importance of customer service

CCreating a loyal base of satisfied customers who will recommend your business to others, is the aim of every small business owner.

How to make and keep your customers happy should be at the core of everything you do.

above bg

WWe need to spend more time thinking about what kind of business we want to own and run. But exactly what things should we consider before starting a business? We're not talking about whether you choose to be a plumber, beautician or social worker.

The question you need to ask and then remember the answer to is; "What kind of business will I start?" What will it's ethics be? Will it be a force for good in the world?


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