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Starting a business isnt easy. There's so much to learn and there's no such things as a magic blueprint. But there are some tried and tested forumulas for reducing your risk of startup failure.

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company formation

WWhen it comes to how you operate and the "form" your business takes, it's fairly simple. If you make £50k or less profit a year then trading as a sole trader might have tax benefits.

Whether you go the Limited company route or form a partnership; knowing your options in terms of company formation is important.

importance of market research

CCarrying out market research for startups before you start a business is vital. If you don’t you will increase your chances of early business demise. It’s a vital step in the startup process to help check if there’s enough demand for your product or service.

OK, so it’s a bit tedious but the more research you do at the outset, the better your chances of long term success will be. Changing tack or approaching a different market segment once you are up and running can be a costly affair. You need to be confident that customers will buy your product before you spend a fortune on dead inventory.

Sample Blog

HHow do you stand out from the crowd? There's no doubt about it- creating an identity for your business is a big focus for the startup entrepreneur.

Get it right and word will spread. Mess it up and you could find yourself rebranding sooner than you think.

We take a look at some of the thing things to consider when forging an identy.

why startups fail

YYes,it takes a ton of hard work & sweat to set up and run a successful enterprise.
You need to sell, manage, administer and stay legal. And look after your customers, suppliers, and everything else.
That might be one reason why, in the UK, many business startups do not to get off the ground at all, and around half of those that launch will fail.

Perhaps there simply isn’t enough support for startups? Or maybe it’s because being good at your day job doesn’t mean that you can crack it in the world of enterprise...


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