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start a business in 2017

HHave you been thinking about starting your own business for a while? What’s holding you back?

Perhaps you feel it’s not the ‘right time’, or you’re not sure if going it alone is the path for you.

Could this be the year you finally take the plunge?

are unicorns good for business

UUnicorns abound. In recent years, we’ve seen tech giants buying up successful startups and with them some of the intellectual property that could provide competition to these giant enterprises in the future.

While the fascination with unicorns (startups valued at over $1 billion) continues, are they necessarily good news for the world of new enterprise?


WWhen we started putting Learngrowth together the Brexit vote hadn’t yet happened. Since 1980 the number of small businesses in the UK has risen from 700000, to 5.4 million businesses by 2016- creating more than 15 000 000 jobs

So what does the future hold for startups in the UK now that we have chosen to leave the EU?

brexit opportunities

DDonald Trump’s Commerce secretary Wilbur Ross suggested that other states should exploit the opportunity created by Brexit business uncertainty to wrestle business away from the UK.

Ross suggested to Cypriot financiers that they should take advantage during the “period of confusion”. It is therefore the responsibility of UK government and business leaders to thwart this desire to wrestle business away from our shores and to regalvanise support for UK startups.

how do you describe your business?

HHow do you tell people what you do? What you say can have a massive influence on your business chances.

Would you say "I own a small business" or "I'm an entrepreneur"? Find out why that's exactly the wrong answer...


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